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Benefits of 5G Technology - MobileMozo.com
 Benefits of 5G Technology

5G Technology

Benefits of 5G Technology

  • What is 5G technology
  • 5G Impact on E-Commerce
  • Overall Impact on internet-based Economy
  • Benefiting the mobile & Other telecommunication device manufacturers
  • What is 5G technology

What is 5g technology

5G is only the next phase of upgrading of wireless telecommunication technology or successor of 4G in simple words, significantly increments the speed and responsiveness and lowers the latency of wireless devices.
With 5G, information transmitted over remote broadband associations could go as per the current estimates 10+ Gbps,

Fifth-generation technology is going to be much higher than other previous Generations, therefore, 5G will precisely increase the data transmit rate over a wireless mode
And due to this high speed of data exchange rate and upcoming more advanced sophisticated antenna technology will help in a lot of new and

advance sectors such as revolutionizing the technology of the self-drive car to initially small medical surgeries in remotely located areas in the world, and due to its low latency rate, it provides precision to the self-driving car or self-flying drone to stop or change the path in a fraction of seconds to avoid an Unpleasant event to take place.

5G Impact on E-Commerce

As Professor Klaus Schwab, the Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum has announced that the world is on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution.

Surely the fifth-generation wireless technology has the capability and speed to perform the higher data exchange rate at a much higher speed which means it can perform multiple tasks in the same amount of time in comparison to 4G (fourth-generation) technology which means the e-commerce Website & Application has some tremendous room to use technology such as the internet of things (IoT), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR). To perform and enhance the visitor’s overall online shopping experience.

Which is increase the healthy amount of profits to multi-billion dollar e-commerce Giants like Amazon, jd.com, Alibaba & Flipkart, and other E-commerce players

Overall Impact on internet-based Economy

As the number of wireless internet users Number is getting bigger & bigger each year and the using wireless data become more affordable it encourages to applying of new technologies to make internet use more interactive & effective this will certainly help to increase the internet use time per capita and which will, after all, leads to the greater internet economy

Benefiting the mobile & Other telecommunication device manufacturers

There is no doubt or second thought that it will be going to the biggest opportunity especially for the 5G radio hardware types of equipment and 5G enable mobile phone manufacturers like Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, Qualcomm, Samsung, and ZTE. But the non-Chinese brands have some extra
advantages because of the United States & Europe banned Chinese giants Huawei & ZTE due to serious security-related allegations.
And the United States using its influence on top Chinese brands to penetrate other big markets like India, and South America, but still,

all manufacturers going to get a bigger share of the pie-making tens of billion dollars in the year to come

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