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TikTok is coming back to India is this really true? - MobileMozo.com
 TikTok is coming back to India is this really true?

TikTok is coming back to India is this really true?

TikTok is the most popular social media app that allows users to create, watch, and share short videos. the app was notable for its addictive quality and high levels of engagement. Amateur and professional creators also were able to add effects like filters, background music, and stickers to their videos. Tiktok made many people stars and influencers with their skills. Many people use TikTok to express their personal expressions to the front of their known in a very attractive and unique way here we find that TikTok is really coming back to India is this really true?

Reasons why TikTok is so Popular and Successful

From the start of TikTok in 2018 to 2020 it got much more popular. broken many records of popularity among the viewers. Because of its easy-to-use and more attractive user interface and amazing features. got popular quickly as short video creation and sharing medium it also gave a platform to the creators to show their skills and become stars/influencers.

the audience was getting content from mostly every domain- educational, non-educational, entertainment, knowledge, fun, tech, non-tech content, etc,

Creators were able to create and transform their creations in less time, same for the audience getting favorite content in less time.

in this modern age, everyone wants things to be quick so it was obvious.

Why did the Government of India ban TikTok?

Collecting Data illegally –

Indian government claim this app is using data illegally and secretly collecting information from people’s phones when they download the app.

They said letting our citizens use these apps is a threat to India’s national security.”

This statement was not only for specific TikTok. The Indian government banned around 59 more Chinese apps along with the TikTok and PUBG games.

The statement clearly points out that the Indian govt highly concerned about their user’s privacy and data. And they won’t allow any kind of threat on it.

The Indian government gives a valid reason behind it that these app companies store Indian users’ data inside China and sell it to the Chinese government to use it against India in the future.

Military Tensions

Military tension at LAC (line of actual control) between India and China,

Chinese aggression at LAC leads the Indian side to use this tactic to put some pressure on China, to ban some of the Chinese apps including TikTok which are making lots of money from the Indian market for Chinese businesses.

Pandemic ( Coronavirus or W*hanvirus)

Coronavirus hit the world economy so badly that some of the major economies were left with no choice but to avoid foreign goods and services to protect their local business

the Indian government uses this time to focus on promoting “make in India” products. With the “vocal for local” slogan. India decides to remove those outside countries’ big players from the market.

Anyway, whatever reason was there. on the 29th of June 2020, TikTok was kicked out of the Indian entertainment market.

Is really TikTok coming back to the Indian entertainment market?

This matter of “TikTok is coming back” was started after the step taken by ByteDance about registering an application for having the new trademark “ticktock” as the wordmark in the ministry of commerce & industry of India as we found a document of this application and data from ministry’s site ByteDance has applied for the trademark on July 2021. Ministry hasn’t registered “ticktock” as a trademark yet. The status of this application on the ministry’s site still showing under the “marked for examination” tag.

As per reports, the company is thinking to follow the strategy of BGMI (PUBG). To relaunch in India. As per the government of India’s new IT rules.

ByteDance is reportedly appearing for a partner in India who can assist the company in re-launch into the Indian market and also help them hire workers. corresponding to a report in Economic Times, ByteDance is speaking with “Hiranandani Group”, which formerly has a data center business named Yotta Infrastructure Solutions.

The TikTok parent company is looking at local solutions to get its business up and streaming in India once again, which could also mean that TikTok could make its comeback in the market after 2- years. However, the report also quoted a senior government official and said that orations haven’t reached the formal stage yet, but it seems the Centre is apprehensive of such plans and will be looking into the business model for claimed approvals.

Now the question is what will be the launch date of TikTok in India?

ByteDance still hasn’t released any official statement about relaunching, nor any promotion from the company’s side. this information is just indicating that very soon we will see TikTok again on the play store / App Store

Is it good for ByteDance to Relaunch TikTok in India?

It’s been almost 2 years since TikTok moved out from India in the absence of TikTok there are many alternates for short video sharing that have come to the market like Chingari, Moj, youtube shorts, Instagram reels, etc. so it will be tough to beat them now because now the majority of creators switched to this all

Another perspective can also be possible that TikTok will introduce new features or technology which will attract users more than existing ones so it may possible that TikTok can regain its users.

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