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Apple iPhone 14 Pro – Expectations vs Reality

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro lays the foundation for the iPhone line’s future. It transforms a possible drawback, like the notch, into a fascinating new user experience. Apple finally puts the phone on an even playing field with rivals by adding a 48MP camera, with adaptive (refresh-rates). Apple also beats everyone to the stratosphere with […]

What are RAM and ROM

RAM and ROM are nothing but a type of memory that serves different purposes, Before understanding what are RAM and ROM we have to first know about Memory. What is Memory? Before understanding, RAM and ROM you have to first know about Memory. Data and instructions are stored in memory. Computer memory is the area […]

iPhone 13 Pro vs Iphone12 Pro (Comparison)

Today we going to compare both iPhone12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro but so before grabbing any of these devices you can make a better decision. So let’s start the discussion on this hot topic iPhone 13 Pro vs Iphone12 Pro (Comparison), We hope this little effort of ours going help you to make your […]