What is the most Popular Smartphone OS?

What is the most Popular Smartphone OS?

What is OS and Work of OS (Operating System) in Phone?

The days are gone when mobile phones were just a device to make phone calls and send occasional texts. Modern smartphones are closer to handheld computers that enable us to send emails, play games, watch the news, and make video calls to loved ones. And much more here we going to clear your doubt about What is the most Popular Smartphone OS.

An operating system (OS) is a collection of software that manages computer hardware resources and provides common services for computer programs.
If you have a question regarding operating system definition such as what is the operating system or what is working of operating system then we can describe it technically like it is a software which consists as a set of verity programs to operate hardware parts of the computer. Here we are dealing with smartphones then we can technically assume that modern mobile phones and mini-computers stand in the same line. All tasks are done on any computer we do the same with the phone in short form.
Basically, OS is a thing that directly provides user interaction to the phone components. A user interacts with OS and OS interprets user commands into hardware functioning format.
“The operating system is a vital component of the system software in any computer system.”

What is the Most Popular Smartphone OS?

Obviously, you will say ANDROID me too no doubt! Android is a mobile operating system based on the Linux kernel and is currently developed by Google. Android is designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices

What is the most Popular Smartphone OS?

the popularity of Android because it’s open-source a variety of developers work on it all over the globe. Android is highly customizable because it’s open source code hence most smartphone companies use it for their devices. Since the day it was launched, Android gathering its popularity worldwide. It is accessible for free and Google made it crystal clear that it’ll be free in the future as well. Android App marketing place( Google Play Store) is the biggest marketplace in the world. thus, Android operators have a wide variety of applications to select from and can customize their phones for a personalized experience.

Secondly, the most popular OS is IOS which only comes with apple phones AKA iPhones.
If we compare iOs and Android in different-different aspects then the result will come in favor of iOs, if we consider security, user experience, usability, durability, customer support, etc here iOS is far better than android. But still Android rule over the globe!! There is a bunch of reason’s first of all iOs is not open source APPLE own and only use it. No external smartphone brands can use iOS you can see this operating system only on iPhones. Secondly, COST DOES MATTER: iPhones are much more costly in comparison to Android smartphones. next APPLE DOES NOT LEND iOS TO OTHER as I mentioned above apple owns iOS apple And do not Provide patent to any other smartphone company so other brands can’t launch their phones with iOS.

Windows Phone is never considered a Popular Smartphone OS

Indeed though it’s one of the biggest computer operating systems, Microsoft’s Windows phones are no longer being manufactured. And while you can still operate your current Windows phone, the company cut out updates in 2019.

Windows Phone is recognizable from its tile-based interface- styled Metro which features removable and exchangeable squares sections on the home screen, each with its own design and function,

It also has aggregators called’ hubs’, that group together all pics from all applications, or all music into one library, meaning your Facebook pics can be set up with your camera shots and your documents from different sources grouped together in one, easy-to-pierce point.

KaiOS is One of the most Popular Smartphone OS

KaiOS is derived from the Firefox OS open-source project, which began in 2011 and has run independently since 2016. It is now a web-based operating system that allows a new category of lite phones and other IoT devices with limited memory while providing a great user experience via leading apps and services. KaiOS is analogous to iOS and Android in terms of functionality. It offers texting stuff, an app store, web browser, some features of this OS distinguish it from other OS.

HTML5- grounded application store for newbies, making it smooth for tech companies to develop apps than iOS and Android. HTML5- grounded software uses smaller resources than Java-rested software, so the apps run much briskly on this operating system.
Devices that are installed with KaiOS include-

List of Major Smartphone OS with market share

Operating system's market share

What is the most Popular Smartphone OS?


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