How can I improve my smartphone battery life?

How can I improve my smartphone battery life?

A smartphone is about as usable as its battery life, it wouldn’t truly exist a smartphone without charged battery after all. a flat phone battery is beyond frustrating, particularly when we are out of the home and in need of our smartphones. occasionally it feels like you are charging your phone for hours just to have it expire in half the time. But why, precisely, is your phone battery drafting so rapidly? we’ll go find out How can I improve my smartphone battery life?

How can I improve my smartphone battery life?

It’s frequently noticed that the battery life of smartphones starts getting wimpy in 6 months. Even after chock-full charging, the battery doesn’t survive all day long. Not alone that, by the end of a year, the problem increases by and large. There are numerous reasons behind this which we either neglect or do not pay any attention to.

Smartphones are about as fast as anyone actually needs these days, so right now it’s all about different aspects correspondent as battery life. Despite chip makers and software sellers optimizing their wares for long-lived battery life, the simple fact is we utilize our phones more than we ever did earlier.

What you might not experience is that few things can suck out at your battery without you even realizing it, now the question is how can I improve my smartphone battery life?

Causes & Solutions

High Brightness

constantly people keep the screen brightness on their smartphones to the max, causing the phone’s battery to DRAIN down faster. However, you should likewise keep it on adaptive mode or at a minimum, If you demand the phone’s battery to survive for a lengthy time. this will ensure that the battery does not drain shortly.

Location-Tracking Apps

A lot of apps these days track your phone’s locus to support their services, repeatedly inspecting with a combination of GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Network tower locations for max accurateness.
This constant locus monitoring requires energy and can take an expense on your phone’s battery.

How can I improve my smartphone battery life?

So, how to do it?
Just turn off the location service when doesn’t require!
Still, if you need some apps (possibly a safety or navigation app) to keep tracing your locus, you can disable location tracking separately via the” Permissions” section of each app’s settings.
Doing so might take a bit, but it will offer you complete control over which apps do and do not hold access to your real-time position.

Stop Apps running in the Background

Look through your battery settings for background apps that use an inconsistent amount of energy, and delete, disable, or limit permissions where workable. apps you require to keep utilizing, you can limit permissions that you don’t need.
There are also light versions of some fashionable apps that typically grasp up less space, use lower data, and may use minor power.

Never let your battery go 0% or charge it to 100% — keep it between 20% and 80%

It stresses the battery to drain it fully or charge it fully. Phone batteries are happiest if you keep them above 20% charge and below 80%. To be extremely precise, they’re happiest around 50% charge.

Reduce the Sleep Timeout

Every occasion you rouse the screen it remains functioning for a predetermined period indeed after you have completed whatever it was you required to do. You can adapt this length of time, and the shorter you frame the screen timeout the smaller battery power will be use.

Use inbuilt power-saving features (not an external app!)

Your phone has one or more energy-saving modes. These restrict the interpretation of the CPU (and other features). prefer applying them. You’ll get lesser performance but better battery life. But don’t fall in the trap of external battery saver apps.

Prefer the dark mode (if you have an OLED screen)

The pixels flashing black just don’t turn on. It also means that displaying black on the screen uses no energy or lesser energy, darker colors utilize smaller energy than bright colors like white. select a dark theme for your phone or use by default DARK MODE. if your phone has an OLED or AMOLED screen, This method can save a lot of energy. Although If your screen doesn’t retain an OLED screen a dark theme won’t make a significant difference in battery consumption.

Let your assistant go

While features like Google Assistant and Siri can be serviceable to have, they append to the battery drain of your phone, especially if they’re repeatedly listening out for your voice commands. However, it’s better to disable them, If you don’t bear or hardly utilize these features.

Key Suggestions Which Practically help to Extend the life of phones Battery

follow the above tips If you want the phone’s battery to last for a long time. some key suggestions you should consider while talking about longer battery life- Try to apply the original charger your phone came with when charging it, as this will have a higher chance of suffering the battery to reach optimum capacity. This could correspondingly support charging quickness.


It’s also a reasonable idea to check which apps are consuming up the most of your battery life, which can be done in your phone’s settings in the Battery section. You’ll be surprised at which apps are grasping a huge load on your phone’s battery, And restricting their permissions or operation could prove to be enormously helpful.

A few experiments by Third Party platforms show that iPhone’s battery life can be extended by 30% by utilizing dark themes. Google has its own study, showing how the Google Pixel pictured 63% less energy consumption in Night Mode. Apple Insider found nearly 60% in battery savings in Dark Mode,

We hope you’ll get the answer to How can I improve my smartphone battery life?

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