Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 review

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 review

Nowadays Smartwatches and Fitness trackers are becoming an integral part of our lives. There can be many reasons behind it but I feel I need a watch which looks well as an outfit. I want to be able to take calls and texts from my wrist and I also expect detailed health & fitness features from a smartwatch. So here I am going to tell you about SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH 4 which fulfills such requirements.

What Is ” GALAXY WATCH 4 “?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the latest model in the Samsung Galaxy Watch series, this watch officially runs ‘Wear OS powered by Samsung’. Watch 4 includes a pretty standard array of smartwatch features: a host of fitness and health tracking, plus a calendar, contacts, alarms, timers, weather, and a voice recorder.

Galaxy Watch 4 display:

The display is one of the best aspects of the Galaxy Watch 4. The touch screen of the smartwatch offers a pretty smooth experience.
1.19-inch Super AMOLED 396 x 396 resolution 330ppi
Corning Gorilla Glass with DX+
The Galaxy Watch 4 features bright displays that enable easy reading. The resolution is likewise excellent,

Galaxy Watch 4 performance:

This Wear OS-powered smartwatch can’t be paired with an iPhone but works fairly well with Android phones from other brands. As for the overall performance is concerned, the Galaxy Watch 4 offers a smooth and seamless experience when used with a Samsung phone.

The Watch 4 runs on Wear OS 3, which is the version of the operating system that Samsung has helped to build, and is still inspired by Tizen. Samsung runs its One Watch UI on top, which makes this feel every bit like you’re using a Samsung smartwatch.

Health & Fitness features:

It is also good to see Samsung add so many health features, especially in these tough COVID-19 times.
It comes with built-in ECG, PPG, and BIA sensors.
features such as sleep, steps, running, and stress tracking seem to be accurate at all times, your Galaxy Watch 4 will attempt to determine certain body composition metrics, including your skeletal muscle, basal metabolic rate (BMR), and water retention, and body fat percentage. To get proper readings, you’ll need to provide some manual data like your height and weight.

SpO2 readings on the watch were always above 95 percent which is the right range for a healthy individual. The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic can also display a reading of your stress level.


Samsung Pay/ Google Pay support:

This smartwatch also supports payment systems such as Google pay and Samsung pay. Which is a kind of new feature on any smartwatch.


On the app screen, you will find a mix of Samsung’s and Google’s apps. So there are the likes of phones, calendars,s and messages apps. This smartwatch comes with a variety of useful apps. This gives a really good experience, Not only have these apps been redesigned from the ground-up, but they’re also optimized better. we can also use the play store to download supporting apps as per our requirements. Which is still in its experimenting stage.

Battery & charging:

In 1 charging battery’s lifetime is Close to 24 hours with the always-on display enabled. And with normal use, it can last longer till 38 to 40hr. Charging the watch completely took more than two hours. You might have to plan when to charge it accordingly.

This smartwatch comes with water and dust resistance so you don’t have to worry about this fuzzy stuff.


In India, The 40mm Galaxy Watch 4 is priced at Rs. 23, 999 ( 314 in USD ), and Rs. 28,999 ( 380 in USD ), for the Bluetooth-only and LTE variants. Which feels like value to money as per its specifications.
You can buy this product from the Samsung store at the same price or you can also go through the given link below.

Pros and Cons:

Pros: Beautiful hardware, lightweight, Slick performance, Good battery life [ approximately 40Hr ], Third-party app support is growing, Lots of features, impressive health-tracking features, Accurate tracking.

Cons: compatible only with Android, you can’t pair this smartwatch with your iPhone, and speaker quality is not very well.

Conclusion of this galaxy watch 4 review

hopes I was able to help you through this review article to make a perception about this latest launched product. 
In my opinion, You should:-

Buy it if

⦁ You like your smartwatches sleek, compact, and powerful.
⦁ You’re a Samsung fan who’s been craving Wear OS app support

Don’t buy it if

⦁ If you want a wearable you don’t have to worry about charging.
⦁ You prioritize access to Assistant and Google services.

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