Apple Watch 8 Series rumors & features?

Apple Watch 8 Series rumors & features?

By hearing Apple Watch 8 series what comes to mind is new watch faces, apps, Accessibility, features, updates, and more. Apple comes out with a new outstanding smartwatch every year. Apple Releases a new smartwatch every year. That’s why we expect that the apple watch 8 series will be released in September 2022.

New Features of Apple watch 8 series

Well there are quite a few of them and the first one has to do with the always-on display so if you have one of the apple watches with the always-on display series 5,6 or 7 it now supports more apps. Always–on display now supported more apps such as alarms, stopwatches, and 3rd party apps.

Apple Watch Series 8 Watch faces

In the always-on display now in watch OS 8 there are new watch faces and selecting a watch face looks a little bit different so if we press on it here we will just skip past the ones we have already. You can see it says new watch faces and as we scroll down we can add them so we, ve got a couple of new ones in this update but we scroll down, we can add them and you have all of the same ones you had before but now you have additional watch faces as well. The first one is a new portrait watch face. If you want to set up your portrait’s watch face, you can edit it and then add different styles. Then add photos and you can choose up to2 4 photos to rotate through all of the different portraits you want.

Apple Watch Series 8 Photos

Easily share a photo so tap the little share icon and you can share it to whoever you like with your messages tap on it and you have quick access to share that with an individual.

Apple Watch Series 8 Notifications & Messages

The messages get updates as well and it’s much easier to message using multiple methods so if we got into messages and within a message, you can see this is just texting myself but you can see we have the little app icon, here where we can use Emoji, gifs, etc.


New assistive touch feature for accessibility. That is really impressive so if we go into the watch app again and we just scroll down to accessibility under accessibility scroll down to the display and you will see assistive touch. Now you can turn this on the watch as well but if we turn this on we can now use hand gestures with one hand to control the watch.


We also have focus modes with the Apple watch. So if we slide up here on the bottom, you will see that we have do not disturb activated. Focus has been added to the watch and syncs across all iOS devices. So it’s working on Sleep, weekend, mindfulness, home evening, and driving.


Now you have an iPhone with your different music your different albums here and it looks a little different and then you have a radio with your library on iPhone listen now and more. So you can go to your radio and go into your library, you can search as well.

Mindfulness and Breath

Mindfulness is sort of a combination of breathing and then a new restfulness or reflects mode. So you will behave breathe and then reflect is just another way to sort of taking the mind off things for a little while if we go into reflecting it says to take a moment to pause. So we will give it just a moment here and it says to bring to mind a recent problem you needed to solve. The new model is added and you will see they just have a little visual graphics here and then you can go back to the end but you have a little visual graphic that changes. There is a new mindfulness app with reflect and breathe.


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