Honor 50 Phone Review

Honor 50 Phone Review

Honor 50 mobile was launched on 17th June 2021. The mobile is available with features and adequate specifications at an industry price of ₹ 30k ( 390 USD ). Let’s move on to the full review of the Honor 50.

In the review of Honor 50, we will talk about the design of Honor 50, the features and specifications, its camera, display size, software and UI, storage options, gaming, and its battery and charging test.

Honor 50 Review Design

Now we will talk about the design of Honor 50, the first impressions got to say definitely positive. The Honor 50 has a lightweight glass design with plenty of curves the circular camera rings are an interesting design element and the thin frame is made of plastic here not metal. The Honor 50 is actually nearly identical to another recent device Huawei’s nova 9.

That smooth and sleek but sort of stripped-back design is very straightforward indeed. Just a little of honor Brandon there quite subtle tucked away in a corner then of course the uh very iconic dual ring design, the only problem is that the camera chassis does jut from the arc end of the honor 50 quite a distance that means if it’s laying on a desktop table, and you are poking and putting the screen.

Honor 50 Screen

6.57 inch OLED with a 1080p resolution and a super-fast 120hz refresh rate. The high refresh rate coupled with a low touch latency means that swiping and scrolling here are super smooth and responsive and there is support for high frame rate gaming too, plus there’s support for 10bit color, and you get the great contrast you did expect from an OLED color accuracy is respectable depending on the setting you choose and brightness is good too. We measured 525 nits maximum with the manual slider and it boosts up to 750 nits in bright conditions. Under the display is an optical fingerprint scanner that is responsive and reliable.

Honor 50 Software and UI

One more exciting thing about the Honor 50 is its software package at least if you are of the people bummed out by Huawei’s lack of Google support. The magic UI shares the aesthetics of Huawei’s emUI 12 but with the intrinsic features of android 11 and of course, access to Google apps through the play store and default apps like the gallery and the phone are proprietary one thing worth noting is that you don’t get to split notification shade like on Emui but a traditional one here.

Honor 50 Audio

audio well it is just a mono speaker output sadly here on the honor 50 there are no stereo speakers. Exactly burst your eardrums on that top volume that’s for sure, but it’s loud enough to enjoy even with a reasonable bit of background clamor going on at least the clarity stays pretty strong even on that maxed-out volume as well.

Honor 50 Camera

Let’s have another squint to the back end of the honor 50 and that very distinctive dual ring design with sports four cameras in total. Now that primary camera sensor is a 108-megapixel effect, but of course, you are got the usual pixel binning shenanigans. You won’t get 108-megapixel images by default. Just use those extra megapixels to give you bright balanced shorts. But if you want to you can jump into the more section on the camera UI got a high resolution and that will give you a full-on 108-megapixel snap. 32 megapixel Selfie camera.

Honor 50 Battery

The biggest capacity battery in the world here on the honor 50 (4,300 milliamps) but the fact you are got that energy-efficient snapdragon 770 chipsets means that you will be able to get a full day of play out of this with no problem as long as you are not learning too heavy on it. The honor 50 was able to score a 100-hour endurance rating in our proprietary test. Charging speed is reasonably fast too but not lighting fast even though it comes with a large 66-watt charger with it.

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