What is NFC

 What is NFC

What is NFC


NFC or near field communication is a technology that helps to enable two electronic devices to exchange secure data links but the distance between two devices should be under 4 Centimeters (cm) NFC technology takes a shot at the premise of RFID technology which uses attractive field acceptance to initiate communication between electronic devices in close rang to exchange data.
NFC-enabled devices can do both send and get data and can access one another just as with uninvolved devices. Cell phones are by a wide margin the most well-known type of dynamic NFC device

NFC Applications

Smart Phones
smartphones use NFC technology for digital wireless payment transfers it is getting bigger and bigger every day. Samsung Pay, Google Pay is by far front runners by using
NFC technology in digital payment transection, and now multiple digital Wallets coming trends many of them already start using NFC for payment transfer,
Digital Money wallets are going to be the largest beneficiary of NFC because if we look at trends in India only the top three payment wallet Google pay(Tez), Phonepe, and Paytm
they are widely used by people and in the First Quarter of 2019 more than tens of billion US dollars, transactions took place every month from Google Pay(Tez), PhonePe, Paytm Combined.

making a payment with a debit card

Modern Car
nowadays automobile companies also use NFC technology to enhance the experience of their customers whether it is the auto door unlock feature or autoboot lid opening by just standing 2-3 seconds in front of it

Public Transport
In public transport, it plays a major and key cost-saving role by introducing an electronic chip integrated Metro train or bus token and prepaid travel card. it makes a convenient and hassle-free environment for transport organizations by deploying this one-time paid technology instead of paying monthly salaries to hundreds or thousands of ticket checking employees.

NFC can be a technology that helps to speed up the patient’s treatment in many ways it NFC chips are already being used as hospitalized patients wristbands which consist of all the information
regarding patient health, medicine recovery status, and differentiate newborn babies in large hospitals, in future it can also be used for electronic medical devices like a pacemaker to keep its record, etc.

Future of NFC

it has the potential to be used in many different sectors very largely like in shipping it will make it easy to distinguish them.
in manufacturing plants, it will make an easy intelligent inventory to expand at a faster pace

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